Name Race Species Base? Body type Movement Morale Champion? Champion base Champion Fame Hexes occupied Combat skills FP Non-combat skills FP Fame Rank User
Pixie pixie Fae Yes Monolithic Fly 20 (incorporeal) 20 No 0.0 0 1 200 200 5 Canon
Description: These stats are based on a 200 pixie hive. Each additional 200 pixies add +3 to INT and +1 to Fame Rank. Pixies appear as 1" long flying insects with humanoid faces. They can be very dangerous when they swarm, making an angry buzzing noise when attacking that is feared throughout the forest and using damage-dealing nature magic. Their communication method is unknown, but may be pheromone based. Pixies can turn incorporeal at will and can't be harmed by normal weapons or spells affecting STR or CON. Pixies can be found individually, but usually are part of a larger swarm. They exhibit swarm intelligence—the more in a swarm, the more intelligent they act. An individual pixie seems to have the intelligence of a single insect, even if away from a larger swarm. There have been reports of a few gigantic swarms exhibiting a high order of sophistication. Pixies can combine to cast spells. Each pixie has the equivalent of one FP in magic. A common swarm size is two to four hundred individuals. Smaller swarms do not cast ritual magic, but larger ones (roughly 800 individuals or more) can. Pixies turn non-corporeal at will. Their intelligence is debated (and is clearly alien to humanoids) but they can learn and adapt. Cannot be harmed by normal weapons or spells affecting STR or CON.
Tactics: Common spells: Summon Bug 1, Befriend Animal 2, Damage D4 (insect swarm) 2, Entangle 2, Damage 2D4 (insect swarm) 4, Warp Wood 4, Damage 3D4 (insect swarm) 8, Wall of Thorns I (SL 8), Wall of Thorns II (SL 10), Wall of Thorns III (SL 13), Damage 4D4 (insect swarm) 16. Pixie hives have large territories and tend to alternate between frenetic activity and a near dormant state. Occasionally a hive will split and the new hive will seek their own territory. They are unpredictable around humanoids/goblinoids, and can be friendly one minute and hostile the next. Killing a pixie can cause a violent reaction from the creature's hive. Pixies will harass enemies within their territory but will generally not pursue them outside of it.
Body Part To Hit Hit Points Natural Armor Absorption Worn Armor Absorption Defense Modifier Silence Modifier
Body 01-20 10 None 0 None 0 0 0
Armor Defense Modifier 0 Armor Silence Modifier 0
Strength STR Save Constitution CON Save Size Size Save Intelligence INT Save Instinct? Willpower WPR Save Dexterity DEX Save Charisma CHA Save
0 -50 0 -50 20 50 12 10 No 20 50 28 90 20 50
Endurance HTH Base Hit Points Total Hit Points Weight
0 20 10 10 0
Attack Melee Modifier Damage Modifier Attack Missile Modifier Parry Modifier Unarmed Combat Modifier Defense Modifier
0 -4 8 16 16 8
Agility Modifier Communication Modifier Knowledge Modifier Manipulation Modifier Perception Modifier Stealth Modifier
16 -8 -16 8 -16 0
Creature Combat Skills Fame Points Total Use %
Magic 200 68
Grapple Learn Fame Points Base Use % Skill Modifier Armor Adjustment Total Use % Speed Damage
Average 0 0 16 0 16 9 D4 ( -4 )
Non-combat Skills Category Learn Fame Points Base Use % Skill Modifier Total Use %
Hunting stealth Average 100 58 0 58
Sense Magic perception Average 100 58 -16 42
Special Abilities Fame Points Description
Incorporeal 200 In this state a creature can't be harmed by physical attacks or impeded by physical barriers.
Fame Rank Reconciliation Prime Attribute Fame Combat FPs Non-Combat FPs Special Abilities Passive Magic Active Magic Total Fame Rank
Starting FR -1 0 2 2 2 0 0 5
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